Access Control

Access Control

An accss control system is the first step in  protecting your  people, Property
and assets. An electronic access control system restricts and tracks access
to a property, building or room to authorized person.

Royalway will supply, install, manage and repair automated access control systems for commercial and residential premises. We serve an extensive
range of access control systems.

Our in-house technical team offer selections of different access control systems so you’ll be able to choose the system that’s perfect for you, we’re completely autonomous and never tied to a single product, and you could be assured we’ll choose the perfect access control solution.

Royalway offers a solution for all types of access control needs from a single door to provide fundamental protection, to more complicated designs consisting of numerous doors.

Advantages of Access Control System


  • Entry time, exit time and failed access attempts can be recorded with an advanced report
  • Automatic alarm system can be implemented and linked to mobile phones, etc.
  • Access time can set into the access control panel
  • Biometric readers can be used as an access control to avoid transfer of access to an unauthorized person

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