Call Center Solution

Call Center Solution

Royalway Call Center Solutions is a powerful and feature-rich multi-channel contact center implementation designed to optimize the handling of inbound and outbound calls in an organization through efficient call handling, customizable reports, skill based transfer, free seating, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), campaign management, visual dashboard & supervision, call notification popups, voice recording, conferencing, Do Not Disturb (DND) and external CRM integration capabilities.

The advanced browser-based interface provides large scale, complete and integrated set of options to handle multiple calls through different incoming channels and can also be utilised as a powerful telemarketing tool to promote various offers and value added services to customers. Implementation of the automated computer telephony integrated application leverages the call center capabilities and thereby enhances customer satisfaction resulting in increased revenue opportunities.

Technical Diagram

Inbound Call Center Solutions

The inbound call center solutions completely controls the routing of incoming calls and ensures that the calls are managed effectively and efficiently to provide the best customer interaction.

Beneficial for:

  • Automatically attending incoming calls
  • Handles customer requests quickly
  • Facilitates smooth helpdesk management

Full-fledged reports of incoming calls are available to the supervisor, thereby allowing them to analyses agent performance, productivity and streamline call center operations to a large extent. With proportional routing, call processing time is faster and call center agents can deliver highly personalized experience to customers.

Outbound Call Center Solutions

The outbound call center offers the capability to process the dial-out to multiple customers ─ all automatically. Equipped with innovative features, the system enables to handle the outbound telemarketing and promotional needs with utmost ease and convenience.

Beneficial for:

  • Telemarketing services
  • Lead generation
  • Notifications/announcements

Supervisors can view the real-time status of the predictive dialing, they can add, modify or delete campaigns, record the interactions and view the comprehensive reports. Outbound calls can also be connected to an agent for an elaborate assistance.