Our team will work with you to design, build and install efficient and sustainable Industrial Electrical solutions, tailored to your specific needs. We do supply panel accessories to most of the leading panel builders in Qatar, Dubai and India.


Royalway offers a wide range of office communication system from conventional analogue, models to digital and full IP system models. Royalway is the premiumpartners for Panasonic products and the resellers of various reputed brands from which you can easily select the model that best matches the usage and special needs of your office and Home.

We Offer complete telephone system PBX / PABX solutions. We understand a good telecommunication system will be a backbone of your company. The right telecom products and solutions ensure your businesses are always connected. Other than that it grows with your business and provides technical features that enhance your business. We always make sure our customers are getting the right Telephony solution. Our long time experience and expertise in this field allow us to understand your exact business communication needs and help you achieve that.


The Headsets can deliver highly effective solutions to organizations, as they bring number of benefits that helps to improve the productivity within your workplace. The productivity in the real terms has more value as far the business is concerned: For example, the employees can concentrate more on the task while keeping your hands free and the wireless option means the users can move around freely while on the calls.

Call Billing

Royalway Supply & Install Call Billing System to get a comprehensive overview of the billing report for incoming and outgoing calls. The full-featured call billing and management options help to identify the areas where expenses are incurred and immediate measures can be implemented to optimise the usage of telecom network.

Call Recording

Royalway will supply & Install Voice recording Solution, Our Voice recording device  is a multi-channel voice logging tool that works in cohesion with audio channels, analog, digital, PRI and VoIP telephone lines. Our voice recording device helps in improving customer service by enabling the upper level management to review the actual telephone conversation with the customer. Continuous evaluation ensures customer satisfaction and quality management in an organisation. Applicable areas include call centers, share traders, security undertakings, banks, hospitals, enquiry departments etc.

Call Center Solution

Royalway Call Center Solutions is a powerful and feature-rich multi-channel contact center implementation designed to optimize the handling of inbound and outbound calls in an organization through efficient call handling, customizable reports, skill based transfer, free seating, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), campaign management, visual dashboard & supervision, call notification popups, voice recording, conferencing, Do Not Disturb (DND) and external CRM integration capabilities.

Conference Telephone

Conference Phone help business to do conference call between the clients , other businesses and between internal users.A business conference call is simply a telephone call involving multiple people or more that 2 people. Conference calls having high importance in business as it allows people in different geographic locations to engage in audio conference at a prearranged time via telephone lines.Moreover it help resolve an urgent business issue that requires input of several individuals. Conferencecalls are very important for the success of a business, as it can greatly facilitate business communications. The way business conference calls are essential same way the conference phones used in a conference call conversation is important. The effectiveness of the conference calls relays on the quality of the conference phone used. There is several brands available in the market to choose from. We partnered with top conference phone brands to full fill our customer needs.